The Standards and Quality Report details the main achievement of the school over the last session.  It is published annually and describes the progress the school has made in its planned development.  Please contact the school office if you would like a paper copy of these documents.

    School Standards and Quality Report

    The School Improvement Plan is also created every year.  It sets out the areas on which the school will develop over the session and plans how we intend to improve.   

    School Improvement Plan

    Pupil Equity Fund Summary

    Cost of the School Day Statement

    The HMIE Report details the findings of our latest inspection.

    HMIE Report

    School Catchment Information

    School catchment maps are provided for guidance only, and should not be used as the sole basis for house purchase or development/investment decisions. 

    Householders should check catchment information with Pupil Placement. Developers should contact Planning Services with all queries relating to potential developments.